Aspirin not recommended anymore. Expert’s opinion

It’s not correct practice as researching the source of headache could show unexpected results. Checking this problem from different directions could save people’s lives. The root of most headaches can be traced back to two things; dehydration or a misalignment in the neck. Yet, most doctors are quick to pull out their prescription pads and move on to the next patient, without fully addressing the problem at hand.

People visit their doctors complaining of headaches everyday. They hope to take the prescription with pills and to fix the problem quickly. Mostly patients are sent home after a brief exam and a prescription for pain medication.
Serious lifestyle changes, including improved postural habits, proper hydration, and most importantly correction of the spinal misalignment will not only eliminate headaches and migraines from its source, but ensure a healthy body for decades to come.
Every person who wants to have better and healthier life should think about his/her life not waiting on doctor’s verdict.

The past decade has showed shocking rise in disease, due to poor lifestyle choices and bad postural habits. More and more of us are hunched over in front of a computer screen all day, then come home to another session of computers and television, we pop out our phones and check the latest updates on social media. What we don’t realize is that these choices are causing misalignments in our spines, which puts unnecessary and often dangerous pressure on the delicate nerves responsible for the function of our organs. If nerve energy can’t reach our vital organs, they will go into a state of dysfunction and eventually disease. In other words, our sedentary lifestyle causes migraines and many other problems.

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